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We take care of the things that matter to you.

We manufacture cleaning products and garbage bags, as well as personal hygiene products

We take care of your family, with products for personal hygiene

We take care of the planet, we manufacture 100 recycled products

We take care of your home or business, with effective yet sustainable products

Grupo Soria Experience

In Grupo Soria we are manufacturers of products for household cleaning,clothing care, personal hygieneproducts, and 100 recycled garbage bags,both in industrial and domestic formats. We are also specialists in MDD (Brand Of the Distributor).

Grupo Soria is made up of three leading companies in the sector: Josami, Hnos. Soria and Palboplast.

Logo Josami

At Josami we are specialized in large brand formats of the distributor (MDD)from 4 to 25 L, both products for cleaning the home and for washing clothes and personal hygiene.

Logo Palboplast

At Palboplast we are specialized in the manufacture of garbage bags using low density polyethylene 100 recycled,both for industrial and domestic formats.

Logo Hnos. Soria

In Hnos. Soria we are specialized in the manufacture of domestic formats, from 500 ml to 3 L, both of products for household cleaning and for washing clothes and personal hygiene.

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All products

We are manufacturers of household cleaning productsas well as garbage bags.

We also have a white room, completely independent, to manufacture personal hygiene products.

With our range we cover the needs of drugstore and perfumery.

We work all formats that can be imagined, from 500 ml to 25L, we differentiate industrial ranges with more specific products of the home ranges, and cosmetics.

Our customers

In Grupo Soria we cover many types of clients, although we are specialists in MDD and we are very focused on the channel of the large distribution.

Many of our clients have been working and trusting us for over 30 years.

Product ranges

We have a wide range of products: detergents, cleaning products, cosmetics and garbage bags, which we organize depending on the type of format:

Industrial and Domestic.


Industrial Format Products

Hygienic Range

hydroalcoholic range

Within these groups you will find a more specific division depending on the desired area:

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Household cleaning

household cleaning icon


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Personal hygiene

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Recycled PE 100 garbage bags

We manufacture very interesting and competitive products for your type of business

We are specialists in MDD

I’m sure there are some of our products waiting for you to get into your business.

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