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The company

Josami, Palboplast and Hnos. Soria

Mr Miguel Soria Santamaría started as a manufacturer of cosmetics and cleaning products in 1965. However, in 1989, he formally established the company Y. JOSAMI S.A.

In 1987, Mr Miguel Soria saw a market opportunity and diversified and created PALBOPLAST S.A., a plant to treat and recycle plastic materials, turning them into rubbish bags for both industrial and household waste.

Even at that time, Grupo Soria was already thinking about the environment. It could be said that rubbish bags were 100% made of recycled material.

In 2005, following market demands, Hnos. Soria Detergentes S.L. was established to focus and specialise in household formats, especially in PL (Private Label).

These three companies currently form Grupo Soria, which is still a company with a strong family character under the direction of the founder’s sons and owners of the company.
Grupo Soria has achieved a solid position in the Spanish market thanks to a permanent commitment to innovation in all company areas.

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At Josami, we are specialised in large private label (PL) formats ranging from 4 to 25 L for household cleaning, laundry, and personal hygiene products.

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At Palboplast, we are specialised in the manufacture of rubbish bags made of low-density polyethylene that is 100% recycled in both industrial and household formats.

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At Hnos. Soria, we are specialised in the manufacture ofhousehold formats, ranging from 500 ml to 3 L for household cleaning, laundry, and personal hygiene products.

The company nowadays

Nowadays, Grupo Soria is a consolidated company focused on manufacturing for third parties (PL) and exporting to continents such as Africa, in continuous growth, South America, and Europe, among others.

Currently, the main business activity of the group is the development and manufacture of cleaning and laundry products, 100% recycled rubbish bags, and personal hygiene products.

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Our clients

With more than 40 years’ experience, the company has grown and earned the trust and loyalty of prestigious clients, wholesale distributors, and supermarkets.

Many of our clients have trusted and worked with us for more than 30 years.

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