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Corporate Culture at Grupo Soria

As the General Manager of Grupo Soria, I am so honoured to be leading the three companies that make up the group, with a history that dates back more than 35 years ago.

While the group still preserves its notable family nature and maintains the same values, we have greatly evolved throughout these years thanks to our hard work and innovation.

I would like to highlight two aspects, which I am especially proud of: the team that makes up this great group,for their passion, for their good job, for the optimistic atmosphere and the desire to tackle new projects, and the loyalty and fidelity of our clients. I can safely say that we have grown together over all these years, and we continue to work with the same enthusiasm, passion and commitment as from day one.

The future is promising. Despite the great competitiveness of our industry, we know that our efforts will lead us to successfully tackle the projects that we have underway and those that are to come.

Carlos Soria Olmos

General Manager



Through the knowledge acquired during our business life, as well as our willpower and continuous effort, we have achieved our goals. The combination of these important values has enabled us to develop demanding projects, overcome obstacles and finally succeed.


It is a very important tool for our company. Innovation may come from any of our areas since we seek new solutions to anticipate the needs of clients and improve those processes or cost savings that generate better results.


Everyone in the company stands out for their high degree of preparation, professionalism and motivation. Our work is very organised to achieve the proposed goals, and we are very demanding with our performance and the quality of our products.


We want to contribute to the preservation and protection of natural resources from the point of view of justice and solidarity, avoiding, as far as possible, the environmental impacts associated with our activity and committing ourselves to the prevention of pollution, the sustainable use of resources, and the continuous improvement in the management of environmental aspects.



A shared goal: to share resources and knowledge for the benefit of clients, acting ethically, maintaining trust, and creating value.


Our close relationship with our clients enables us to adapt to their realities, so we can always provide customised and effective solutions.


Unity is our strength. Our unique approach is to build from within, ensuring that the team is involved and setting out a clear path to create, develop and grow.


Our values shape our behaviour towards others and our principles articulate our beliefs about the business.

We want to stand out in everything we do


Grupo Soria Team

Everyone in the company feels like it is a part of ourselves… (The team)

Based on what our predecessors taught us and adding our extensive experience, we are materialising what we consider to be our life values in our company.

Making the company increasingly competitive is our responsibility. It is very important for our clients that we optimise the resources we have, obtain quality raw materials and the inputs necessary for the cost-effective operation of the company.

We do not wish to be the largest, but the greatest. We do not settle just for what we are, but how we get there, because our effort is our passion.

Javier Soria Olmos

Procurement Manager

We are pioneers in Spain in the sector of 100% recycled rubbish bags. Every year, we grow and consolidate alliances with new clients.

The increases in the price of raw materials, and our reluctance to transfer them to our clients, force us to constantly improve our facilities with the latest technology in machinery and processes, raising our quality levels. We always try to give our clients the best value for money, we anticipate the priorities of our clients and the needs of the market.

Mustering these resources will enable us to be more efficient in serving our clients.

We are aware that the recycling industry will keep on growing, because it is no longer about the future, it is a goal for today. We will continue to do our share in improving the ecosystem, because we believe in it, and we have been doing it for more than 35 years.

Jorge Soria Olmos

Factory Manager

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