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Get to know our fabric softeners

Jan 7, 2022 | Products

At this time of the year when temperatures are low, we look to our wardrobes for clothes that are thicker and made of warm fabrics to protect us from the cold.

These garments will also need special conditions if we want to take care of them and make them more pleasant to wear: they will be softer, fluffier, perfumed and will have more volumeif we use fabric softener. It is proven: clothes last longerand this is because fibres with fabric softener produce less friction in the garment and less wear and tear.

At Grupo Soria we also think about people with little time but who appreciate the difference and comfort, which is why we have products that make washing easier and quicker, such as our Detergent with Softening Effect, so that you don’t have to worry about anything else during the wash:

Fabric softeners

We have a wide range of perfumes, of which we highlight four in particular, Agua Marina reminds us of the transparency and purity of sea water on paradisiacal beaches, Momentos Frescos that transports us to the most traditional places, Sensaciones Florales that brings us closer to those spring meadows in bloom, or lastly, suavizante Agua de Colonia that reminds us of childhood.

Here is a selection of our best fabric softener products:

A word of advice:

Often, the fabrics of warm garments, due to their weight, become deformed if we hang them out wet and we must leave them to dry stretched out on some surface in the open air so that they can dry without altering their beautiful shape. Softeners help us with this by reducing the absorption of water from the fabrics.

Finally, we would like to highlight ourindustrial size XXL Softener, for situations where domestic formats are not sufficient:

We hope you find these products useful! And if you have any suggestions, we would be delighted to hear them.

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