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Presentation of our Packaging Manufacturing Plant

Apr 13, 2021 | Company

One of Grupo Soria’s maxims is to try to give our customers the best quality of service, for this we try to improve our form and quality in the manufacture of our products, both chemical and detergents or cosmetics.

One of the most important (and production-critical) parts of these production lines is the packaging.

Private Label ready packs
packaging machine

At Grupo Soria we are aware of the importance of supplying our own product lines with packaging that is tailor-made for each one of them, specifically designed to optimise their use and manufactured in our own facilities in order to have total control over the manufacturing process.

packaging production line
Container labelling machine

That is why we manufacture our own packaging.

At Grupo Soria we manufacture our own moulds for the different packaging formats we use. With the intention of controlling that the composition of the materials with which they are manufactured is the most optimal for the preservation of the qualities of our cleaning products and that they produce the least possible environmental impact.

Javier Soria
packaging production line
packaging manufacturing plant
packaging manufacturing machinery

In our plant of bottle manufacturing are manufactured more than 25,000 units per day, for this purpose we have 3 state-of-the-art blow moulding lines, fully automated for the production of HDPE containers, and 1 PET blow moulding machine, for this reason we are able to offer better forour customers than many of our competitors.

This “just in time” service allows us to always have the packaging modelswe need for each occasion and for each of our customers, especially for private label customers.

Our autonomy in designing the moulds for blow moulding bottles allows us to consider environmental improvement aspects in our designs, which means an improvement in the carbon footprint of all our products. This ability to consider the eco-design of packaging, together with the possibility of projecting our know-how in blow moulding recycled plastic, allows us to offer our customers packaging that contributes to improving their corporate social responsibility, thus substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, and for our customers’ peace of mind, at Grupo Soria we always have the most important certifications in the market, such asIFS HPC (one of the most demanding in the detergent market) or ISO 22700.

packaging paste

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Grupo Soria Experience

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