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Private Label and Export

We know where we are needed, we choose the most suitable distributors, and we take our products to clients.

Proprietary Brand

At Grupo Soria, we have developed our own product range, both industrial and household, with private labels such asJOSMI, GERSO PLUS, PLUS NET, for Household cleaningLAHÉ for Personal hygiene products; and PALBO and AXELIN for Rubbish bags.

Our products are an example of quality and success. Some of them are highly placed on the market and continue being our clients’ favourite.

Our differentiating factor is our constant customer care and the high quality and efficacy of our products, with rates well adjusted to the market price range, and excellent value for money.

To achieve these competitive prices, we manufacture or own containers and produce raw materials to make our rubbish bags.


One of our main objectives at Grupo Soria  Experience on the short term is to position our reference products in the greatest number of countries with Private Label. Some of the distributors of the main international brands in many countries already trust us.

We take good care of our clients, to make them feel at home, with highly personalised attention. This allows us to understand each other, and overcome and suppress all the cultural differences that may exist.

We offer a unique service, take care of every aspect, and even pursue the most suitable logistical solutions to optimise transport costs as much as possible.

All you need to do is trust our group.

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The process

We look for new markets and the specific needs of its end consumers, based on their preferences.
We choose the most competitive and strategic distributors in each country, to reach as many clients as possible.

Only when we have determined all these factors do we take our products to their next destination.

We collaborate, research, and develop together with the distributor what they are looking for and what their market needs.

This is why at Grupo Soria, we take great care of our brands, and aim for our clients do the same and value them as much we do.

We supply our ranges and manufacture our own containers

At Grupo Soria, we manufacture our own moulds for the different container formats that we use.

Our bottle manufacturing plant has 3 cutting-edge, fully automated blowing lines, to produce polyethylene containers, of which 25,000 units are produced every day.

We use a ‘just in time’ service and, as a result, we always have the container models required for every occasion.

Another of the advantages of this service is the complete control over the container manufacturing process.

Detergent products

We offer more competitive prices, and we manufacture our own containers.

Did you know that we have been awarded important certificates, such as the IFS or ISO 22700?

We are specialised in PL

Global expansion and Export

‘In 2015, the company management decided to diversify the business management and open our catalogue to the world. That was our main goal. We developed new products to meet the market needs in each country.

Our effort has been worthwhile since we currently operate in 9 countries around the world (inside and outside of the EU).

The key to our success is mainly based on the service we provide. We keep close contact with our clients to detect their needs and offer them the best of us.

We know that fulfilling expectations is the only way to maintain a client for many years.’

Rosana Mocholí Moreno

Export and Marketing Director

What do you need?

We meet the needs of our clients

We are specialised in PL